En Route to Cuba, Kayaking Back

I'm on a boat. 

I'm on a boat. 

I'm currently on a boat from the Florida Keys to Havana, Cuba. It was looking like it was going to fall through and then came together at the very last minute. Our plan is to kayak back to Florida.

The plan is to explore for a few days (or a week, depending on weather) and then kayak back.  It will be 113 miles from one port to the other and we think it will take between 30 and 50 hours of paddling. We'll be in tandem kayaks and yes, we will have support boats. I'm going to do my best to do the whole thing, but if my body gives out on me I won't have an ego about it and I'll let someone sub in for me, relay style. The team goal is more important than my individual goals. We're working with NOAA and are keeping a close eye on developing storms, so we're being as safe as we can be while doing something inherently unsafe.

I'm doing this with Cotopaxi as a part of their Challenge 113. You can read more about it here

You can track our progress live via Spot, if you're curious. Or worried (mom). 

Most likely won't have Internet at all in Cuba, but I'll have lots to share once I get back, and I vow to get caught up as soon as possible. I still have to tell you about Montana, Idaho, and gear testing in British Columbia. 

Wish us luck and good weather! 

Much love,  

Brent 9.5.15 just off the coast of Florida