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We're looking for off-the-beaten path stories. Maybe you know of something cool going on in your town. A small factory doing something remarkable. An inventor on the cusp of something incredible. A place that's incredibly beautiful to behold or a burger that's incredibly delicious to eat. We want to know about it. 

The best way to contact Brent is through one of the social media links above, but you can also try emailing him: brent at brent rose dot com

The thing is, Brent isn't just looking for big stories he can break out into individual articles, he's also looking for your story. A big element of this project is simply talking to people in different places and varying walks of life. He's looking for commonalities and differences, and he hopes to uncover the things that connect us all. Or more simply, he wants to make friends along the way. He'll be organizing meet-ups where he can, and he'd love to hear your suggestions, big and small. 

Also, if you have a nice, level driveway for him to park in, you might just be saving his bacon.